Coelacanth Krov Menuhin Mozambique Nicolas Hulot Ushuaia


Adventures on the Canal of Mozambique.
Searching for the Coelacanth a 65 million year old living fossil, the Ushuaia Team treat the viewer to an underwater voyage from off-shore Sodwana South Africa, North, up the Mozambique Channel, not forgetting the terrestrial wildlife of the Zambian National Park of Luangwa.
Proposed and presented: Nicolas Hulot
Executive Producer: Pascal Ancieux
Director of Production: Yazid Tizi
Director: Gilles Santantonio
Camera: Denis Bertrand, Jeff Devaud
Helicopter Camera: Christian Gaume
Underwater Camera; Cyril Tricot and Yann Hubert
Diving directors: Krov Menuhin and Jean-Marc Belin
Marine Biologist: Laurent Ballesta
Terrestrial Biologists: Vincent Prie
Ethnographer: Marine Lobillard
Additional Underwater Camera: Charles Maxwell

Aventures sur le Canal du Mozambique.
A la recherché de Coelecanth une fossile vivant de 65 millions ans, le Ushuaia équipe traiter le viewer pour un voyage sous-marin au large Sodwana en Afrique du Sud, nord dans la Canal du Mozambique, sans oublier la faune terrestre du parc national zambien de Luangwa.


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