Gods, Lost Islands and Sunken Ships
HTV and Channel 4, first transmitted 01.12.1984
Number 2 of 4
“South Seas Voyage”
Krov and Ann Menuhin.
On the Island of Ambrym with Kirk Huffman, the Menuhins witness the initiation rites of the secret society of Rom, a ceremony never before filmed. Incorporating early film from 1917 of natives from the Islands they describe the terrible effect invaders had on the population.
They dive below the waves to see coral reefs like nothing else found in other oceans and the sunken, mythical island of Tolamp.
They drink the hallucinogenic Kava and feel its powerful effects.
At Espritu Santo, on the site of the USA’s largest wartime Western Pacific forward base “Million Dollar Point” we see the massive remainder of dumped wartime equipment.
Aided by diver Alan Powers, they explore the marvellously well preserved liner, Coolidge, sunk in 1942 and resting now on the ocean floor. Diving the wreck and they explore the beautifully preserved mosaics and find the “Tudor Lady”.


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