BBC Explorers of the Deep
” The Reef at Ras Muhammad”
The Reef at Ras Muhammad, an underwater wildlife film by Krov and Ann Menuhin….
‘The forbidding desert of the Sinai Peninsula offers no welcome, but a stone’s throw from the shore the waters crackle with the sounds of Crustacea and reverberate with the grunts of groupers. Delicate sea-fans tremble as they feed, while ribbon-tailed rays and deep-sea jacks court and mate. At every turn there are angel, clown and trigger fish dancing amongst the colourful coral.
This is the Reef of Ras Muhammad – one of the richest coral reefs in the world – the site where film-makers KROV and ANN MENUHIN chose to spend eight months’.
Their film brings a colour and richness rarely seen – a vivid living mosaic of coral fish and wrecks – alive and constantly changing.
Filmed, directed and written by KROV MENUHIN.
Assistant cameraman; PATRICK SARDI
BBC television presentation by CAROLINE WEAVER.
BBC Bristol. First Transmission: 20 Aug 1979

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