Published on Jun 3, 2015

BBC Encounters with Animals
“Giants of the Vermilion Sea”
Documentary wildlife film showing man’s varied involvement with wild animals on land and in the sea with KROV and ANN MENUHIN.

Screen shot 2016-03-08 at 11.49.55
Ann Menuhin with a whale shark

Would you swim with a 30 ton whale shark, 50 feet long and with a mouth five-feet wide – the largest fish in the world?
Krov and Ann Menuhin – husband and wife film partners in underwater adventure – did just that, and more. In the Gulf of California they cruise and dive in one of the richest but least-known seas of the world. They meet huge grey whales, basking sharks, dive-bombing pelicans and the rare blue whale. They join the sea-lions’ graceful ballet – and then encounter the gigantic whale shark.
Filmed and directed and co-produced by KROV MENUHIN
Sound recordist COLIN TOZER
Film editor HUGH TASMAN
BBC Bristol. FIRST BROADCAST on BBC 1 on 22nd August 1980
Re-broadcast 23rd April 1982 and 30 th August 1984
Silver medal – Toulon Maritime Film Festival 1981
Special recognition award World Wildlife Film Festival 1981

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